Essential Oils to Help Ease Breathing

by FabulousFrannie

This spring tell asthma and allergies to take a hike! As the seasons change and you are exposed to more pollen, dander and climate change, there are some essential oils that can help you breathe easier wherever life takes you, whether it is watching your kid’s soccer game or taking an early morning mountain trek.

This strong and fragrant essential oil’s decongestant properties make it not only beneficial for relieving colds, but also for relieving the constraints of asthma and allergies. Eucalyptus helps break up mucus and phlegm, clearing the passageways and easing breathing. It is fantastic to add to a diffuser or a homemade shower steamer.

Lemon is useful for alleviating the minor effects of allergies due to its antihistamine properties, meaning that it helps reduce inflammation in the chest, which can inhibit breathing. Since Lemon is phototoxic, it is best used in a diffuser or inhaler.

This oil is beneficial in easing the side effects of allergies in many different ways, particularly in its ability to help relieve a scratchy throat. Like Eucalyptus and Lemon, Peppermint helps break down phlegm and reduce inflammation, thus clearing the airways. This oil may also act as a relaxant to the throat, potentially reducing coughing. To help ease coughing you can add it to homemade chest rub.

Tea Tree
Helpful in potentially preventing allergies before they take hold, Tea Tree has the ability to attack airborne pathogens. It is also an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and expectorant, which means that it helps get phlegm that inhibits easy breathing out of your lungs. Due to its preventative possibilities, it can be beneficial to add Tea Tree to homemade household cleaners.


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