Spring Cleaning with Essential Oils

by FabulousFrannie

Essential oils are a great addition to any household-cleaning regimen. Not only do they smell delightful, but they are also packed with properties that fight dirt, bacteria, mold and other harmful particles. This spring, swap out your cleaning supplies for ones made with all-natural ingredients.

Our NEW line of ready-to-use household cleaning products is sure to freshen up your home with their powerful ALL-NATURAL cleaning agents! Fabulous Frannie cleaning products are formulated with 100% pure essential oils designed to make household cleaning safe, fun and easy. Cleaning has never been this safe and easy for you and your family!

All-natural Foaming Hand Soap
Our specially formulated foaming hand soap removes dirt and grime from your hands with nothing but essential oils and other all-natural ingredients. Made with soothing lavender and lemon essential oils, this hand soap can be used by those with even the most sensitive skin. Nourish your skin with this olive oil-based soap!

All-natural Carpet Deodorizer
Fabulous Frannie Carpet Deodorizer combines 100% pure essential oils and natural cleaning agents to absorb bacteria and odors while providing your home with an uplifting scent. Lavender and lemon essential oils work together to pick-up the unpleasant odors that have been left behind by kids, dogs and unexpected messes.

All-natural Multi-surface Cleaner
Use our Multi-surface Cleaner to keep any surface in your home fresh and clean. This cleaning spray is intended for non-porous surfaces, and kills bacteria, removes dirt and fights germs. All-natural ingredients, like Borax, olive oil and lemon essential oil, provide all the cleaning power of store-bought sprays with the added benefits of essential oils. Be ready to see every surface shine like never before!

Create your own all-natural window cleaning spray with the recipe below.

Squeaky Clean Glass Cleaner



Combine all ingredients together into spray bottle, adding essential oil one drop at a time. You can add a couple more drops to amplify aroma and cleaning-power! Securely fasten bottle top and shake to combine. Use as needed. Store in cool, dark place.


*For informational purposes only. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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Donna Erisman April 28, 2016 - 4:59 pm

Would like to have a combination for pests like mosquitoes that can be sprayed on small children like 3yr-4yr Olds.
Donna E.

FabulousFrannie May 3, 2016 - 2:47 pm

Our Bug Away Roll-on and Healthy Spritz are pre-diluted with carrier oils and safe to use on children and pets. As with any new essential oil product you will want to do a spot test on your child or furry friend before applying to the entire body. Keep away from eyes and mouth.


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