Essential Oil Sets for Summer

by Isabel Corona

As the weather gets warmer, the days longer, and daily life starts to take a shift to the outdoors, we’re here to help you and yours enjoy every moment with some essential oil sets for the summer. Some of these sets are designed with your more active lifestyle in mind, while others help with environmental factors that are often more prevalent in the hot summer months.

Freedom Trio
You most likely grew up associating summer with a sense of freedom. Between Independence Day and the end of the school year, this season shouts this feeling. Embrace the festive aura with this set featuring Celebration, Romance, and Vanilla essential oils. Celebration encourages positive thoughts and a sense of wonder. Romance enhances feelings of love and appreciation for others. And finally, Vanilla provides both comfort and relaxation.

First Aid Blend Kit
What’s summer without a few bumps along the way? This kit comes with essential oil blends to help keep you physically ready to pack in the adventures. Muscle Ice and Tension eases muscle aches and physical fatigue, while Renew restores the mind and spirit after emotional hardship. Mosquitos, spiders, and other pests are often more prevalent in the warmer months, so use Bug Away in a diffuser or homemade spray. No one wants to get sick during their vacation, so Protect is here to help keep germs at bay and Easy Breathzy to combat mild cold and flu symptoms. We also offer a fantastic First Aid Single Scent Kit that features Eucalyptus, Lavender, Lemon, Oregano, Peppermint, and Tea Tree essential oils.

Summer Survival
This list wouldn’t be complete without our Summer Survival kit! Featuring five single aroma oils and one blend, this kit is designed to help prevent bug bites, ease mild sunburns and relieve seasonal allergies. Keep pesky insects far away with Bug Away, Citronella, and Lemongrass. As expected, Lavender French is a wonderful all-around oil that can be used for seasonal allergies, inflammation and pain caused by minor bug bites and sunburns, and to alleviate stress or anxious feelings. Peppermint can also be used for minor sunburns and seasonal allergies. Cypress has a variety of summer uses from disinfecting minor cuts to deodorizing to calming anxious feelings.

Other great sets for summer include Citrus Burst 3-Pack, Citrus Burst 6-Pack, First Aid 3-Pack, and Summer Time. Planning on going on some epic travels this summer? Be sure to store your oils in one of our carrying cases to keep them safe and secure (we especially love this stylish one).


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