Calm Inflammation with Copaiba Balsam

by FabulousFrannie

Lemon and Lavender receive a lot of attention for being fantastic all-purpose essential oils (and for good reason), but did you know that Copaiba Balsam is one of the best fixer-uppers around?

Distilled from a South American tree, this sweet and woody oil is renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties. It also contains properties that make it ideal for healing damaged skin, preventing fungal growth and improving respiratory health.

As we age, our skin starts to loosen, and Copaiba Balsam’s astringent properties help tighten skin, thus reducing wrinkles. The skin is also strengthened, making it harder for it to be scraped or cut. This combined with its anti-inflammatory properties are what made Copaiba Balsam such a great oil for reducing mild acne and scaring.

Below is a massage blend that I have found beneficial for reducing mild pain and inflammation. If you are in a hurry and don’t want to make your own blend, you can always use my Muscle Ice Roll-On or Healthy Spritz, they have the same soothing effects without the hassle of blending (it’s a win-win).

Inflammation Be Gone



Pour carrier oil into amber bottle and add essential oils one drop at a time. Seal bottle; shake to combine oils. Gently massage into inflamed areas. Be sure to wash hands after application. Use as needed. Store remaining oil in cool, dry place. This blend can help acne and scaring.

*For informational purposes only. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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Claire January 16, 2016 - 5:10 pm

What do you mean when you say an amber bottle

FabulousFrannie January 26, 2016 - 1:16 pm

An amber bottle is a dark bottle that will deter sunlight from negatively effecting the oil. You can find ones of varying sizes in our accessories section. You can also store oils in dark blue bottles, but we prefer and recommend amber.

Betty Whyte January 16, 2016 - 6:37 pm

I would love to buy Copaiba Balsam but I believe you do not deliver to Australia any more. I love your products.

FabulousFrannie January 26, 2016 - 1:16 pm

Thank you for your kind words! 🙂 Unfortunately due to lost and damaged packages we can no longer ship internationally, except to Canada. Until we find a reliable international shipping service we are unable to ship our products to customers internationally.

dave January 17, 2016 - 6:33 pm

i am interested in the copaiba blend you mentioned. i have a few questions about it. would it have any effect on skin cancer, how often do you recomend using it for thin skin, i get scrapes easy. also it mentioned to wash hands after application. why is this important. also it seems the blend you have available in not the same as the mixture you give directions for. can you explain that as well. thanks dave

FabulousFrannie January 26, 2016 - 1:14 pm

We recommend washing hands after use since this recipe is for an oil blend and can potentially stain clothing. It’s also to avoid potential contact with sensitive areas (mouth, eyes, etc.) or individuals that may have a negative reaction to the blend. The blend we provided is different from our Aches & Pains blend in order to give you the option to create your own blend at home. We want to provide you with several options for combating pain and inflammation. You will want to contact your doctor or a licensed aromatherapist if you have specific questions about medical conditions and the use of essential oils. Every individual is different and your medical professional can give you the best information about your specific conditions. You can apply this blend every 4-6 hours as needed for pain and inflammation.


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