Communicate with Confidence

by FabulousFrannie

Who me? Who hasn’t felt shy or tongue-tied in social situations? I know I have! It can be hard to have honest and open communication with others for many reasons… But the truth remains that we need to feel confident when speaking openly with others.

One way to help promote healthy habits of speaking, listening and self-expression is by ensuring that our Throat Chakra is properly aligned. This Chakra (the fifth of seven, and the first of the “spiritual” Chakras) encourages free expression of opinions without fear of rejection or judgment—in other words, you get to share your true self!

The Throat Chakra can be balanced using a variety of techniques such as crystals and yoga poses, in addition to essential oils. Communicate Chakra Essential Oil Blend is part of our 7 Chakra Essential Oil line and is available in 100% pure essential oil Blend or pre-diluted Roll-On.

Recommendations: Add pure blend to a diffuser before social gatherings to enhance lines of communication, or carry a roll-on in your briefcase or backpack to apply before presentations for an extra confidence boost. You can apply the roll-on directly to the throat.

For more information, be sure to check out these blogs about the Chakras and our line of Chakra Essential Oils.


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