The Advantages of Giving Gift Cards

by FabulousFrannie

When it comes to giving gifts, we all know that one person who seems to have it all. We want to give them something that shows how much we care (and that we know them to their core), but we don’t entirely know where to begin. 

Although often viewed as the “easy option,” Gift Cards are really a great alternative to trying to find the perfect gift. And here’s why…

Save Green
We’ve all received a gift that we know someone spent their hard-earned money on, knowing full-well that it’s most likely going to end up tucked away in the closest or re-gifted. Giving a gift card to a store you know they like means that your money will go to effective use being more “green” in both senses of the word.

Save Time
Not just your time shopping for a gift, but their time too. Even if you include a gift receipt, they still have to go through the process of going to the store in person or figuring out how to return an unwanted gift online. 

Care by Sharing
Share a brand the you love with someone you love! Give them the chance to explore a company that you’ve come to enjoy by letting them find something that piques their interest. You’ll have something to talk about long after the wrapping paper is put away.

And it doesn’t hurt when the brand you share cares about the Earth and its customers. Fabulous Frannie offers Gift Cards so your loved ones can pick the perfect Aromatherapy products for them. You can even write them a personalized note (perhaps where you tell them some of your beloved favorites). With one of our gift cards, rest easy knowing that all-natural goodness will soon be arriving at their doorstep.

Looking for more gift-giving advice? Check out this Guide we created.


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