Essential Oils for Road Trips

by FabulousFrannie

Sing-a-longs. I Spy and word games. Audiobooks. We all have ways of keeping occupied on road trips short and long. Whether you’re taking them with friends, family, or by yourself, it’s important to find ways to have fun, stay alert, ease aches and pains, and keep healthy safe on your travels. Here are some tips to help! 

But before we get started, several of our recommendations suggest using a car diffuser. We offer two different models: one clips onto the vent of your air conditioner and the other goes into the cigarette lighter outlet. 

Have Fun
Are you worried about temper tantrums or getting into arguments with fellow passengers? There are several essential oils and essential oil blends that help calm emotions and promote healthy communication. If you’re looking for a single essential oil, citrus (Bergamot, Grapefruit, Sweet Orange) and floral (Geranium, Jasmine Absolute, Lavender) oils are a great choice. If you want to use a blend, try Anxious, Calm Anger, De-Stress, Flowers, Fruit, or Happy. Traveling with the whole family? Kids Peace & Calm could just be your new favorite weapon to combat restlessness and bickering. Since this one contains ultra-soothing Lavender and Vetiver, you may want to try using roll-on application so the driver doesn’t get too relaxed.

Stay Alert
If you’ve ever driven across the vast deserts or plains of the United States, you know how beautiful but tiring it can be. And staying alert while driving is key to safety. If you’re already using citrus essential oils to promote positivity, you can use them to also stimulate the mind. Some blends you might find helpful are: Citrus Splash, Concentration, Energy and Vanilla Latte.

Ease Aches & Pains
Do you sometimes get an upset tummy while traveling? Whether it’s from the uneasy terrain or a roadside meal, it’s common to feel a little funny on your drive. We recommend using In-Motion or Tummy Ease blends in an inhaler. Tummy Ease is also available in pre-diluted Massage Spray, which you can gently rubbing into your abdomen. 

Headaches are another thing that happen when driving long hours. An easy way to help prevent this is making sure that you remember to drink lots of water on your travels—we know you’re trying to avoid using public restrooms, but it’s important! If you still start to feel a headache coming on, use Head Aid Roll-On on your temples to ease tension and provide relief.

For body aches, you have a few different options. If your legs are getting restless, try using Crazy Legs Massage Spray. For discomfort that’s more in your neck, shoulders or back, Deep Tissue, Muscle Ice, and Tension are the way to go. All three are available in Massage Spray for easy application. And don’t forget your feet! Happy Feet is not only comforting to your feet, but also helps protect them from bacteria and other harmful particles that you may find in places like hotel bathrooms. 

Keep Healthy & Safe
Another thing on a lot of people’s minds is staying safe from germs and bacteria on the road. Using Hand Sanitizer is a great way to do that. Available in Clean & Fresh, Protect, and Scent Free, our Hand Sanitizers are great to use before and after using the gas pump. 

When entering your car or place you’re staying, you can also use Multi-Surface Cleaner to wipe down surfaces of harmful particles (don’t forget door handles and light switches!). When you get to your final destination, you can also spray Clean & Fresh or Protect Room Mist to combat particles in the air and any unpleasant aromas. In the car, use Fresh Air Blend in a car diffuser for the same purposes.


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