Father’s Day Gifts as Rad as Him

by FabulousFrannie

Fathers aren’t just the men on your family tree. They’re the ones who nurtured your mind, your spirit, and your heart. They’re the ones who encouraged your independence and gave you guidance when your asked. They’re the ones who held your heart. Dad. Stepfather. Uncle. Grandfather. Partner. Best friend. Father’s Day honors your relationship with these important men, no matter their title.

Men can be complicated, but that doesn’t mean the ingredients in the gifts you buy them have to be. Our products are made with all-natural ingredients that are easy to pronounce—you don’t need a Masters in Biology to know what they are! Here are some of our favorites for the special men in your life.

The Well-Kept Guy
This is the man who likes to take special care of his appearance, particularly when it comes to facial hair. Our Rugged Riley line is specially tailored to this man. From shave soap to beard oil to beard balm, we have products to keep him well-kept and moisturized. For Father’s Day, we recommend getting a Dopp Kit or Gift Basket so they have everything they need. All Rugged Riley products are available in Fire Spice, Metallic Mint, and Rustic Woods.

The Athlete
This is for the man who is always on-the-go, whether it’s running, rowing, or restorative yoga. For “The Athlete,” you need products that will help soothe and restore tired muscles. Our Muscle Ice Blend is made with Lavender, Cinnamon, Orange, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Clove, and Peppermint essential oils and combat poor circulation, burnout and tension. We recommend getting him the Wellness Kit, which includes Healthy Spritz, Roll-On, Bath Salt, and Cinnamon Herbal Soap. For the athletes who are practicing at home, Clean & Fresh and Protect Room Sprays are great to help reduce unpleasant aromas and germs from their space.

The Chill Dad
These are the men who love to relax. Whether it’s yoga in the park, hours spent surfing, or going to the spa, the “Chill Dad” knows how to unwind. Our soothing Rugged Riley Bath Salts (available in Fire Spice, Metallic Mint, and Rustic Woods) are great to use at the end of a long day. This dad will also love using deep and grounding essential oils like Cedarwood and Sandalwood in homemade colognes or diffuser blends. Our Orange Glass Diffuser is great for them to put their favorite blends in.

Or you can always get any of these men something they’re sure to appreciate: a Fabulous Frannie Gift Card.


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