Essential Oils for Improved Focus

by FabulousFrannie

This fall, help your mind and body stay focused and alert the all-natural way! Here are some tips to get you through the day.

One of the easiest ways to stay alert throughout the day is to try to get a good night’s rest. When our bodies are well rested, it’s easier to concentrate on tasks. It’s also advantageous to drink lots of water and eat healthy, well-balanced meals—these will also help you sleep better.

All of these behaviors can help prevent loss of concentration, but what can you do when your mind inevitably starts to wander? Here are some essential oils and blends formulated by nature to improve alertness and increase focus.

This oil can be used as a sedative, making it beneficial for people with ADD or ADHD. Cedarwood’s calming properties allow users to focus on the work at hand, rather than other thoughts floating in their heads.

A revitalizing oil that both stimulates the mind and helps with nervous conditions (which can distract from concentration). Peppermint can also be used to ease tension headaches that can form from prolonged attentiveness and stress.

Like Cedarwood, Vetiver is beneficial because its calming properties help ground those who use it. It’s a very centering and grounding oil that can help relieve stress and promote sounder sleep, which are sometimes affiliated with an inability to focus.

Attention Blend
This pure blend of essential oils is made with Cedarwood, Lavender, Orange and Vetiver. These oils were selected for our Attention Blend for both their emotionally calming and mentally stimulating properties. Cedarwood, Lavender and Vetiver help put the mind at ease by releasing tension and anxiety that can distract us from the tasks at hand. Orange provides a nice contrast, in that it is a very energizing and restoring oil.

Concentration Blend
Cypress and Peppermint are used to make this pure essential oil blend. Much like Attention Blend, the oils in Concentration Blend work together to create a balance that is both soothing and refreshing. Cypress works to calm the mind and encourage strength, while Peppermint awakens the senses and increases alertness.

Other essential oils for improved focus: Chamomile, Cypress, Frankincense, Lavender, Orange, Patchouli, and Ylang Ylang.


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