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by FabulousFrannie

If you’re looking to learn about different essential oils, then you’re in the right place! Read below to find out more about Birch Sweet essential oil and its many wonders.

Birch Sweet
There are two varieties of Birch that are used to make essential oils, Betula Pendula (White Birch) and Betula lenta (Birch Sweet). We offer the latter. The plant is steam distilled to produce an oil with a sharp, sweet, camphoraceous aroma that is reminiscent of Wintergreen. Birch Sweet is a top note oil that combines well with Frankincense, Lavender, herby and woody oils (like Rosemary and Sandalwood), sweeter citruses (like Sweet Orange), and spice oils (like Black Pepper).

Birch Sweet has a wide range of uses, but one of the most common is for muscle and joint health, as it can promote increased blood circulation and help remove toxin build-up. Its antispasmodic and analgesic properties help relieve minor pain in the muscles and head. Used in very small doses, Birch can also help tighten skin, reducing the appearance of normal wrinkles and stretch marks. If you’re looking to reduce mucus in the chest and promote better breathing, you can use this oil in combination with other oils like Cypress or Thyme.

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