The Heartwarming Story Behind Grief Blend

by FabulousFrannie

The loss of a loved one is a profoundly heartbreaking experience. But what happens when the person we’re grieving leaves us with a gift to comfort us in their absence?

That’s exactly the story behind our essential oil blend Grief. Several years ago, we were approached by a woman who had terminal cancer. She wanted to cultivate individual baskets to be given to her closest friends and family after her passing. She called them her “It’s Ok I’m Gone” baskets. 

We were inspired by this amazing woman to create a unique blend that comforts the emotional and spiritual distress that accompanies loss. With this in mind, we selected soothing Bergamot, Chamomile, Cypress and Marjoram essential oils.

About three months after completing this project, we received a thank you note signed, “It’s ok I’m gone.” We’re forever grateful for this client’s lasting impact on us, her loved ones, and those she touched through this project. She leaves a lasting legacy of love and graciousness. 

Grief Blend is available in Pure Essential Oil, Roll-On, Room Mist, Gift Basket, and Gift Set.


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