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by FabulousFrannie

Is there a blend or product that you particularly enjoy using? Wellness Kits are a fantastic way for you to explore an item more deeply. We have two different categories of Wellness Kits: same aroma with different types of product and different aroma with the same type of product.

Same Aroma
What’s one of the things you do when you start to feel a minor cold coming? Well, we run for Easy Breathzy Blend. It’s nice to be able to rub the Massage Spritz on neck and chest to ease breathing and fend off germs throughout the day. And why not cleanse while in the shower with an Herbal Bar Soap or enjoy a relaxing soak in the tub with some Bath Salts? Throw in a Roll-On for on-the-go application, and your bases are covered! Some other aromas that we offer include Bug Away, De-Stress, Energy, Kids Peace & Calm, Muscle Ice, Protect, Sleep, and Tension. (Note: Select Wellness Kits contain a substitute blend herbal soap when that aroma is not offered, such as Tension featuring Peppermint).

Same Product
Do you love bath bombs and want to try different aromas? We offer Bath Bomb Single and Blend Wellness Kits to allow you to use the right one for that day’s needs. Or if you love using Massage Spritz, and want to have a blend for all life throws at you, from bruises to bugs to colds, you can try Massage Spritz Wellness Kit. Also available, Mind Body Soul Kit or a Personal Care Kit.

To explore all of our Wellness Kits, check them out here, and find your new favorite!


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