Invite Positive Energy with Sage Candles

by FabulousFrannie

We’re here to give you some Sage advice on why and how to use our Sage Candles. Burning bundles of herbs such as Sage or Palo Santo in a practice called “smudging” has been used by indigenous communities for generations because of the wise and protective energy they release. This ritual is performed as a way of inviting good energy into a space rather than expelling bad energy. 

Before you use Sage, you’ll want to set an intention. What are you trying to invite into your life? Are you looking to let go of past trauma and seek healthier relationships? Are you preparing to achieve new personal or professional goals? Whatever they may be, surround yourself with these thoughts as you burn your Sage.

Now you’re ready to light your Sage Candle. As your candle starts to burn, waft the scent down your body. Some people choose to say a small expression of gratitude for the abundance in their life. You can keep your candle burning as you practice mindfulness and intentionality throughout the day. 

In addition to the spiritual aspect that it brings into your life, Sage has antibacterial properties that purify the air of harmful particles that can make you sick. This herb is also beneficial in enhancing mood, reducing stress, and promoting restful slumber. Basically, it’s ideal to use in your home! 


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