Focus on Attention Essential Oil

by FabulousFrannie

What’s better than one essential oil that you love? Two, three, or more in one specially formulated blend that targets specific properties or aromatic qualities that you’re looking for. Here’s the place to explore the benefits of different Fabulous Frannie Blends. In this edition we’ll discuss Attention Blend.

Made with Cedarwood, Lavender, Orange, and Vetiver essential oils.
Available in 10mL Bottle, Roll-On, and Soy Meltie.

You really need to start paying attention… to fantastic essential oil blends like this one! Most of us have so many time commitments and responsibilities that it can sometimes be challenging to stay focused, and that’s where certain essential oils come in handy. Attention Blend combines oils that reduce stressors and keep you moving towards your goals. Cedarwood has sedative properties that calm the mind, helping you attack the task at hand without relying on boosting adrenaline. The same qualities that make Lavender so beneficial for aiding anxious feelings are what make it so wonderful for improving our attention. This oil can help alleviate stress and calm the mind. Orange and Lavender also help put the mind at ease.

How to use: Add to homemade body wash to start the day off feeling invigorated, yet calm. Place a few drops in a glass spray bottle and fill with water to create a room spray.

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