Essential Oils to Ease Headaches

by FabulousFrannie

We’ve all had those days where our head is throbbing and we just need something, anything, to ease the pain. According to the Mayo Clinic, some of the primary causes of headaches are stress, changes in sleep pattern, alcohol, skipped meals, and poor posture. Ways that you can help prevent or ease them include drinking lots of water, making sure to get enough sleep, drinking caffeinated tea/coffee, practicing acupuncture and yoga, avoiding nitrates in food, and exercising.

While these are all wonderful lifestyle practices to engage in on a regular basis, you can and should also try using certain essential oils.

Hops Flower
For many these days the word Hops is most readily associated with alcohol, but did you know this essential oil can alleviate minor headaches and settle the mind? When combined with other soothing oils, like Peppermint or Pine, Hops flower can reduce tension.

This essential oil is beneficial for easing headaches as it helps minimize stress and promote restful slumber, two of the biggest contributors to headaches. If you already have a headache, Lavender can also reduce pain.

This soothing oil contains Menthol, which eases minor muscle pain and tension. Peppermint is also well known to help focus the mind in times of strain (read more here).

How to Use
These essential oils can be used in a multitude of ways to help minimize the effects of headaches. One of the easiest ways is by diluting them with a carrier oil, like Coconut, and placing in a Roll-On bottle to use throughout the day. You can also try diffusers, wax warmers, candles, and other methods.


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