What are Hydrosols?

by FabulousFrannie

You’ve heard of essential oils, and maybe even absolute oils, but what about hydrosols? Sometimes referred to as hydrolats, distillate waters or floral waters, these liquids are the water that remains after steam distillation. Some times, distillers go through the process with the intention of creating and collecting high-quality hydrosols. When this is the case, the aroma and therapeutic properties are amplified, making them ideal for use.

Unlike essential oils, hydrosols can be applied directly to the skin without diluting first; this makes them a great alternative to store-bought perfumes and body sprays. You can also add them to homemade lotions, creams and other topical applications in place of water—adding even more of a therapeutic punch to any recipe.

Interested in trying hydrosols? We currently offer Rugged Riley After Shave in three different aromas, Fire Spice (Bitter Orange & Sandalwood), Metallic Mint (Spearmint) and Rustic Woods (Fir Needle). These hydrating blends of hydrosols help keep skin moisturized and irritation-free post-shave.


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