Curb Cravings with Skinny Mini Blend Essential Oil

by FabulousFrannie

What’s better than one essential oil that you love? Two, three, or more in one specially formulated blend that targets specific therapeutic properties or aromatic qualities. Here’s the place to explore the benefits of different Fabulous Frannie Blends. In this edition we’ll discuss Skinny Mini Blend.

Skinny Mini
Made with Lemon, Grapefruit, Peppermint, Ginger, and Cinnamon Bark essential oils.
Available in Essential Oil (5, 10, and 30mL) and Bath Salt.

Cravings. We all have them. Whether it’s that extra serving of ice cream or “I’m only going to eat one more” chip, most of us have a hard time saying no to our favorite bites sometimes. Skinny Mini is formulated with essential oils that help make it easier to not only resist the extra calories, but boost metabolism as well. When combined with a healthy diet and ample physical activity, this blend of essential oils can help you meet your fitness goals.

How to use: Start the morning off right. As you enjoy your breakfast (it’s one of the easiest ways to jumpstart your metabolism), add a few drops of Skinny Mini to a diffuser and enjoy the invigorating aromas of Cinnamon and Grapefruit while you eat and get ready for your day. To help you curb cravings all day, wear an Aromatherapy necklace or bracelet. Hey, you’ll look pretty stylish too! End the day with a soothing soak with Bath Salts as a reward to your mind and body for a job well done.

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