Mother’s Day Presents as Wonderful as Her

by FabulousFrannie

Mother’s Day is a day where we can celebrate all the wonderful women in our lives who helped shape us into who we are today. Whether they gave birth to you, adopted you, married into the family, or have taken on any other important role over the years, you’re sure to have at least one woman in your life you has made a difference.

On this special day, we take a moment to make sure that they know how much we appreciate them and everything they’ve done for us. We wanted to share some products that we think they’ll enjoy.

The Role Model
From Day One or later in life, you likely have a women who helped influence the way you speak, listen, and act. This role is often a thankless one, so be sure that she knows wouldn’t be where you are without her guidance. With that in mind, “The Role Model” deserves something extra special. Remember those macaroni necklaces that you use to made her? Why not give her an upgrade with Aromatherapy Jewelry, like Bracelet Lava Ball Healing Stack Set or Lava Ball Aromatherapy Necklace! You can pair these with her favorite aroma or a soothing blend like De-Stress. Another gift that deserves an upgrade is the time-honored scented candle. Our soy candles are made with pure essential oils; some select aromas even come in beautiful glass jars. If you want to pay homage to all the fuss you may have caused over the years, she may laugh when she sees Calm Anger or Head Aid!

The Love of Your Life
Whether she’s your girlfriend, life partner, or even the mother of your children, “The Love of Your Life” is someone who adds vibrancy to your everyday. Give her something that helps do the same (and perhaps lets her relax a little). One of our favorite selections is the Ultimate Relaxation Basket, which comes packed with soothing bath salts, luscious lip balm, luxurious herbal soap, relaxing candle, and more. This woman also deserves to be pampered on a regular basis, so give her a luxurious bottle of our Floral Line Bath Salts (we recommend  Jasmine or Rose). And if you want to get her something extra special, we offer all four of our Floral Line aromas in a Gift Basket packed with Bath Salt, Candle, Roll-On, Herbal Soap and soap dish.

The Best Friend
The beauty of “The Best Friend” is that it can be your mom, aunt, grandmother, romantic partner, or someone who is so close they feel like family. The best friend adds joy and laughter when you’re feeling blue; they are there for you through thick and thin. Get these gals something as fun and frothy as them: Bath Bombs. Available in several different aromas, these fizzy surprises add a soothing touch to soaks. Or perhaps your best friend is into meditation and yoga. Get her a Chakra Gift Basket or the Chakra Starter Gift Basket. 

Or you can get any of these ladies something they’re sure to love: a Fabulous Frannie Gift Card.


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