Introducing Rugged Riley Soy Candles

by FabulousFrannie

Whether it’s warming Fire Spice, cool Metallic Mint, or crisp Rustic Woods, you know you love starting the day with one of our Rugged Riley aromas! These three aromas used to be exclusive to our line of grooming products, but we now offer them in as Soy Candles.

Rugged Riley Soy Candles come in an 8 ounce amber tumbler and add the perfect amount of rustic relaxation to any space. Made with Bay Rum, Cinnamon and Sweet Orange, Fire Spice brings energy and revitalization. Want to hit the refresh button? Metallic Mint combines Spearmint and Tea Tree to awaken you and your senses, day or night. Or if you’re in search of something to transport you to a remote cabin in the mountains, try Rustic Woods and its blend of Citronella, Fir Needle, Lemon, and Tea Tree.

Check out our full inventory of Rugged Riley products, from Blemish Pens to Foot Sprays to Dopp kits here. 


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