10 Tips for Better Shaving

by FabulousFrannie

Looking for a way to reduce nicks and irritation from shaving? Here are a few helpful hints to help make shaving a more enjoyable part of your day and keep your face nice and smooth.

1. Trim before shaving.
If it has been awhile since your last shave, consider using a set of trimmers so it will be easier for the razor to do its job.

2. Make sure skin and hair is wet.
In fact, it’s ideal to shave after a shower or washing your face with WARM water. This helps remove excess oils and soften both the skin and follicles, allowing the razor to glide rather than bump over your skin. This process also loosens the skin for a closer shave.

3. Apply a healthy dose of all-natural shave soap.
It can be tempting to try to save time and money by “dry shaving” or purchasing inexpensive store-bought soaps, but be good to your skin! Using a soap that’s made with ingredients from the earth gives your skin much needed nutrients and moisturizing properties, making for a nice, even shave. Our shave soap has the added bonus of being better for you and your body by containing no artificial or synthesized ingredients.

4. Use a shave brush.
It may seem old fashion, but this technique really helps create a rich lather that covers the entire face, for a nice and even shave.

5. Let the lather sit for a minute (or two).
This allows skin more time to absorb moisture and nutrients.

6. Shave with a light hand.
You don’t have to apply much pressure, but rather lightly glide the razor to avoid nicks.

7. Shave in the direction of hair growth.
When you go against the grain, you can cause irritation and miss follicles. Different parts of your beard may grow in different directions, so you’ll need to change course as you go.

8. Wash as you go.
Be sure to rinse your razor to remove excess hair.

9. Make another pass.
Don’t be afraid to lather and repeat. It may take an extra minute, but it will be worth it!

10. Change blades regularly.
Another cost saving measure that isn’t worth it. A fresh razor helps prevent irritation and ensure that hair is actually removed. It’s recommended that you replace your blade after 5-7 uses.

Happy shaving!


*For informational purposes only. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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