What is the shelf life of carrier oils?

by FabulousFrannie

Shelf life refers to the length of time that the optimum effects of a given oil will last. It varies from oil to oil, and can range from 3 months to indefinitely.

To prolong the shelf life of your oils, we suggest storing them in a cool, dark place. Some oils benefit from being stored in the refrigerator (ie. Grapeseed), while others do not (ie. Avocado). If you purchase a large quantity of carrier oil, you can even freeze some of it to use at a later time.

Below is the suggested shelf life of the carrier oils we offer.

Almond: 12 months
Apricot: 6-12 months
Argan: 24 months
Avocado: 12 months
Castor: Indefinite
Coconut: Indefinite
Grapeseed: 3-6 months
Hemp: 12 months
Jojoba: Indefinite
Olive: 24 months
Safflower: 24 months
Sunflower: 12 months
Unscented Massage Oil: 12 months

Although it can be tempting to select a carrier oil based on its shelf life, it’s important to look at the individualized benefits that each one has when making a selection.


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