Soothing Lavender Essential Oil

by FabulousFrannie

Every year, on one of the first warm days, I like to find a nice quiet place to enjoy the fresh air and vibrant blooms that are springing forth. One bloom I especially love is Lavender; it’s hard to resist its fragrant and herbal aroma.

Lavender is one of those essential oils, or at least aromas, that almost everyone is familiar with. It’s used in everything from soaps to cleaning supplies to herbal remedies.

This essential oil is available in many different varieties; we carry Bulgarian and French. Bulgarian Lavender is generally used for Aromatherapy because it has the highest therapeutic value for Lavender. French Lavender is most likely the variety you smell in the aforementioned soaps and lotions you buy at the store.

Along with being versatile in variety, this oil can assist many different ailments. Some of these include reducing mild acne, seasonal environmental threats, anxious feelings, mild bruises, appearance of scars, head and neck tension, and discomfort from insect bites.

In addition to being nice to enjoy on warm spring days, Lavender is great for soothing skin after spending too much time outside. Below are two recipes, one is to help provide mild sunburn relief and the other is a soothing after-sun lotion.

Sunburn Relief



Mix essential oils and carrier oil together. Apply directly to skin or add to a warm, running bath.


Lavender After-Sun Lotion



Mix lotion and oil together. Apply to skin after sun exposure.


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