How to Clean Your Yoga Mat

by FabulousFrannie

Ahhh… Is there anything more grounding than a nice yoga session?

Practicing yoga is a fantastic way to stretch the mind, body and spirit through meditation and mindful poses. It not only ignites reflective thinking, but also activates the core and other aspects of being necessary for centered living.

Yoga is generally performed on a mat, and it’s important to keep special care of this surface. During your practice sweat and dirt can appear, which attract germs and bacteria.

To help keep your mat clean and odor-free, spray your mat with a sanitizing spray after each use. Our Multi-Surface Spray contains Lavender and Lemon essential oils, which contain antibacterial properties that help kill bacteria, remove dirt and fight germs to keep your practice more “OM” than “Eww.” After spraying mat, wipe dry with a clean hand towel.


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