Feel Confident with Powerful Solar Plexus Chakra

by FabulousFrannie

Feel the power… of a centered Solar Plexus Chakra! Did you know that this Chakra (the third of seven) helps govern our motivation, self-image and helps you take charge?

If you have been experiencing a lack of self-esteem, mild anger, control problems or a lack of motivation, there is a good chance that your Chakras could use a little love. A balanced Solar Plexus can help promote a sense of purpose, combat negative emotions and reduce feelings of powerlessness.

If you are looking to feel motivated throughout the day (I mean, who doesn’t need a little help now and again?), slip Powerful Chakra Essential Oil Blend Roll-on into your bag. Since it is pre-diluted with soothing Coconut Oil, you can easily apply it wherever you may be to help keep you feeling nice and balanced.

Part of our 7 Chakra Essential Oil line, this blend is available in 100% pure essential oil too!

For more information, be sure to check out these blogs about the Chakras and our line of Chakra Essential Oils.


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