Essential Oils Head to Toe Series: Neck and Shoulders

by FabulousFrannie

It’s a real pain in the neck when you have a pain in your neck. Whether they’re caused by injury, tension, or a poor night’s sleep, it’s never fun to have a crick in your neck or shoulders. The good news is, there are several essential oils that can help ease your pain and discomfort. In this entry of our Essential Oils Head to Toe series, we discuss this and how to deter pain in the first place.

Before we discuss what oils help with neck and shoulder pain, we need to talk about some of its main causes. One of them is poor posture. As more and more of us spend extended time in front of computers and other devices, we find ourselves constantly slumping, looking down, and slouching our shoulders. All of these actions put strain on both our neck and shoulders. As mentioned above, another cause is poor sleep or sleeping in odd positions.

Black Pepper
Dilate blood vessels and ease minor pain with this oil. Black Pepper is stimulating not only for the body, but the mind as well, this helps you to both avoid and reduce neck and shoulder pain.

Cinnamon Bark
Improve circulation and relieve muscle pain and stiffness with warming Cinnamon Bark. This is also a stimulating oil so you’ll be well engaged to take on the day in a healthy way.

This oil is beneficial for both muscle and mind tension. Marjoram relieves minor muscle strain and joint pain from a plethora of causes. It can also help calm hyperactivity and anxious feelings. This oil can be found in Sleep blend.

Now, you may not expect to see this oil listed here, but there’s good reason. Patchouli is a grounding oil that eases distress and promotes relaxation and slumber. It can also help center the mind allowing for more calm and focused workdays. Patchouli can be found in Grounded and Relax blends.

This oil contains anti-inflammatory properties making it ideal for easing minor aches and pains. Rosemary also helps promote mental clarity and alertness, which means that you can more easily maintain good posture. This oil can be found in our Energy, Muscle Ice, Renew, and Tension blends.

Please note that this list is designed to help you start your journey and is by no means exhaustive. Refer to our individual Essential Oils A to Z entries for more in-depth discussion of each of our 100+ essential and absolute oils. Check out our “Head to Toe” archives here.


*For informational purposes only. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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