Essential Oils Head to Toe Series: Acne

by FabulousFrannie

Acne—the one part of puberty that we think we’ll eventually grow out of, but it never seems to go away. This phenomenon is caused when the tiny hair follicles on our body get blocked by an excess of the oily substance sebum, which is formed to help prevent skin from drying out. If this follicle is on the surface of the skin, you’ll notice a blackhead; meanwhile, if it’s underneath the skin, you’ll notice a protruding bump called a whitehead.

As frustrating as acne may be, there are some essential oils that can help you reduce their appearance. 

Blue Tansy
One of the “it” essential oils in skincare, this oil helps reduce inflammation and redness caused by minor acne. Blue Tansy also contains phenomenal antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.

This amazing herb isn’t great just for cooking! If you’re looking to reduce the appearance of acne or blackheads, you may want to try adding a few drops of Coriander to your homemade facial cleanser or toner. Fantastic for oily-skin, Coriander helps reduce inflammation.

Due to shifting hormones, women are generally more susceptible to acne than men. Geranium helps balance hormones, as well as reduce redness and tone skin. This oil fights against harmful bacteria too.

You may be a little more familiar with another member of the Myrtle family: Tea Tree. Like that other oil, Manuka is antibacterial, making it great at fighting acne-causing particles. An added benefit is that it’s slightly less medicinal in aroma.

It’s Thyme for clearer skin… (Sorry, we couldn’t resist!) This essential oil is fantastic for fighting acne due to its antibacterial properties. 

To apply these oils topically, dilute with a carrier oil (we love Argan and Jojoba) and apply a small amount of the diluted mixture to a cotton ball. Gently massage the cotton ball into the affected area. Make sure that you’re only applying to closed or “unpopped” blemishes. When diluting, use the ratio of 2 Tbsp. carrier for every 12 drops essential oil.

Please note that this list is designed to help you start your journey and is by no means exhaustive. Refer to our individual Essential Oils A to Z entries for more in-depth discussion of each of our 100+ essential and absolute oils. Check out our “Head to Toe Series” archives here.


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