Differences Between Aromatic Wax Burning

by FabulousFrannie

Everyone loves a warm and deliciously fragrant room. Wax burners have become all the rage the last several years. But with all the excitement, it’s important to ask what type of wax and fragrance are being used.

Many popular commercial brands of wax melties and candles use petroleum based wax, which when burned creates a by-product called paraffin. Some studies have found that paraffin releases harmful chemicals into the air. When used on a regular basis, the constant inhalation of these fumes and chemicals can possibly contribute to allergic reactions and asthmatic symptoms. A 2001 study by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) found that using such waxes can cause indoor pollution. Although melties differ from candles in that the wax is being melted indirectly rather than burned directly, many feel there is still cause for concern.

Are there alternatives? There’s been promising findings regarding the use of vegetable-based waxes. The same studies regarding petroleum found that unscented vegetable-based candles, such as soy, produced no toxic chemicals.

And what about the scent? Another aspect of wax products to be cautious of is how they get their scent. Products found at the store or online typically contain fragrance oils unless otherwise specified. Fragrance oils are synthetic products that don’t contain any of the properties of the plant they come from. Like petroleum waxes, these oils contain harmful chemicals that can have unwanted effects on health. Essential oils on the other hand are distilled directly from the source and retain their aromatic and molecular properties. It’s worth noting that products can contain fragrance oils that are made with a portion of essential oils, but they aren’t entirely natural.

So what can you use? You can create your own soy wax candles, like the Vanilla Spice one here. Or, we offer Soy Wax Candles and Melties to help you emit only the good stuff into your favorite spaces. Made with 100% pure soy wax and essential oils, and nothing else (candles contain wick). We offer aromas to help you Calm Anger, Spice things up, keep you Easy Breathzy, and get those Bug Away.


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