Can taking baths help weight loss?

by FabulousFrannie

What if your nightly soak in the tub could help you lose weight?

Recent research has found that in addition to providing soothing emotional and physical support, taking an hour-long hot bath each night could help promote weight loss by reducing inflammation and lowering blood sugar levels. According to the study, the water needs to be fairly hot (approximately 104°F) in order to achieve these effects.

Research into this practice is fairly new. It’s important to remember that an active lifestyle which incorporates regular physical activity, healthy eating, and good sleep are important and the most proven way to lose weight for most folks. An hour-long hot soak is intended as a possible addition to activities such as yoga, running, or dancing.

If you give this a try (or simply want to take a relaxing soak), we recommend adding a scoop or two of Anxious Bath Salts to ease mental and physical tension, and promote more restful slumber!


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