Aromatherapy Products for Winter

by FabulousFrannie

It may be a little chilly out there, but we have some products to help you keep healthy and warm during the cool months ahead. 

Soy Wax Melties and Warmers
Who doesn’t love a little ambiance with their essential oils? Enjoy some of your favorite essential oil singles and blends using one of our stylish Meltie Warmers at home or the office (even if they are one in the same!). For the winter months, we recommend Easy Breathzy, Fresh Air, and Protect to help fend off cold and flu germs. There’s also Flower, Fruit, and Minty to lift “winter blues.”

Lip Balms
We may sound like a bit of a broken record, but it’s important to keep skin hydrated during the dry winter months. We have four blends (Natural, After Sun, Lavender and Restore) to help replenish lips throughout all your indoor and outdoor activities.

Hand Sanitizers
With cold and flu germs at a high during the colder months, guarding yourself and your loved ones is imperative. We offer three different formulas—Scent Free, Clean & Fresh, and Protect—to fend off germs that you may come into contact with at home or on-the-go. 

Bath Salts and Bath Bombs
Warm up with a soothing and nourishing soak in the tub. Bath Salts help invigorate and melt away tension with the wonders of epsom and sea salts, as well as therapeutic essential oils. Try Rose for a dash of luxury, Rustic Woods to enjoy the aromas of the forest from the comfort of home, or Original CBD to melt away mental and physical strain. Bath Bombs add a little pizzazz and flair to bath time. Tangerine Spearmint opens your senses and mind, while Sleepy Time promotes restful slumber.

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