Aromatherapy Accessories to Love

by FabulousFrannie

Who doesn’t love a good accessory? And when it comes to Aromatherapy, they aren’t only decorative but useful as well. While there are plenty of Aromatherapy accessories to love, we’ve highlighted some of our classic favorites and hidden gems.

Carrying Cases
Store and travel with your essential oils in style. In addition to keeping your essential oils or roll-ons in a safe and secure place that reduces the likelihood of broken bottles, Carrying Cases have the added benefit of helping prolong oil longevity. When stored in dry, dark spaces essential oils have a longer shelf life, meaning their aromatic and therapeutic properties last longer. As an added bonus, you won’t have to go searching in multiple places for where you store your oils! We currently offer different cases that hold 14 to 64 bottles.

Glass Diffusers
Bring the pizzazz to your home with one of our groovy glass diffusers (currently available in Blue, Orange and Teal). These diffusers allow you to release the benefits of essential oils into your most frequented rooms, while also featuring a humidifier and ionizer. The humidifier helps keep much needed moisture in the air during the summer and winter months when you’re running the air conditioner or heater, which are drying. The ionizer, meanwhile, produces negative ions that can help improve mood and strengthen the immune system. 

When you hear the word inhaler you most likely think of the sort that asthmatics use to help regulate breathing, but they’re not the only ones out there. Aromatherapy Inhalers allow you to experience the therapeutic and aromatic properties of essential oils easily while on-the-go. We especially enjoy using a few drops of Easy Breathzy or Protect blends during the colder months to open the passageways and help fight germs. Read our post about how to use these inhalers here.

Like we said, who doesn’t like to accessorize—literally? Aromatherapy Jewelry allows you to add some panache to your daily attire while also getting to enjoy your favorite essential oils. You can go the more aromatic approach and use Jasmine, Mandarin or Sandalwood, or the therapeutic route with Bug Away, Concentration or No Worries blends.


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